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Friday, July 29, 2011

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Smith Tapped for Town Supervisor

After an unexpected declination by the town Democratic Committee’s candidate for Town Supervisor, Democratic Committee member Charles B. Smith has agreed to accept the party nomination for Town Supervisor. The nomination was legally formalized Friday when a Committee to Fill Vacancies filed a notarized acceptance at the Board of Elections.

“The unexpected declination left us little time to recruit a candidate but we realized that we had the most honest, well equipped, committed and informed candidate here on our town committee all along in Charles Smith”, stated Chairman Dan Ashley.

“This is not something I planned to do”, stated Smith, however, people deserve a choice in November and the Republican candidate, Al Spain, is attempting to corrupt the two party system by entering a primary for the Democratic nomination after accepting the Republican nomination. “It’s all about power and winning without standing for a vision or principles for too many in North Greenbush politics”, stated Smith.

I am a lifelong Democrat who believes in the checks and balances provided by a vibrant two party system. As a committed Democrat, I could not in good conscience accept a Republican nomination. It is out of a sense of obligation and duty to my town and my party that I have accepted this nomination, stated Smith.

My opponent will be asked to explain to Democratic voters how he can claim to be a Democrat while voting 100% with the GOP majority on the town board. He even voted to place a Republican on the town board when he could have displayed his party’s conscience by voting with the Democratic Supervisor for a qualified Democrat, stated Smith. “Mr. Spain has acted to damage the Town Democratic Committee numerous times since he was elected to the town board three years ago”, stated Chairman Ashley. He continues to encourage his brother to disobey a court ordered repayment of more than $3,500 he misappropriated from the Town Committee checking account and used his town position to provide his brother with free legal services in this case by appointing an out of town attorney to a paid town job.” These actions have delayed the court ordered repayment which even now is being ignored after the Sheriff served a garnishment order.

Town Democrats will have a choice between a “double dipping” Republican candidate who answers to the Republican Party in the City of Troy where he holds a $73,576 a year job and a well equipped Democratic candidate who understand ethics, respects the law, and is thoroughly familiar with town government , concluded Ashley.