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Monday, February 28, 2011

Platform of the Democratic Committee

NGDC Platform
Resolution: It shall be the policy of the North Greenbush Democratic Committee to consider for party nomination to town elective office, only candidates Registered in the Democratic Party.

In addition, the North Greenbush Democratic Committee will not endorse any candidate who is also endorsed by the Town Republican Committee in order to ensure voter choice and candidates who fully support the party’s platform.

• Immediate Passage of the Completed and Delivered Comprehensive Plan of 2006.
• Oppose all no bid contracts such as that recently awarded by this Board for another Comprehensive Plan.
• Adopt resolution to urge construction of the I-90 Connector as part of the national economic stimulus and recovery.
• Reform Planning Board Operations by Requiring Hearing to begin at the time Scheduled and prohibiting hearings from beginning after 9 p.m. or to be adjourned to continue after 9 p.m and prohibiting Hearings from continuing after 11 p.m..
• Restore Transparency in Government by Broadcasting Town Board Meetings on Public Access.
• Protect residents with reasonable construction hours for developments.
• Reform Building Department through Reorganization and Appointment of a PE to provide engineering services and manage unionized employees.
• When the existing labor contract is being renegotiated, to remove all management employees, ie Building Department Head, Assessor etc from union bargaining units.
• Comprehensive Recycling Program to deal with electronics, batteries, paints and materials which haulers decline to accept.
• Require Town Board approval as the legal appointing authority for any waiver request to State Retirement System.
• Affirm that all appointments other than the secretary to the Supervisor and Deputy Supervisor are the exclusive prerogative of the full town board.
• Require an updated traffic impact analysis before new development can occur at 4&43.

• Reform Budget Process by Full Disclosure of All Raises and Placing Budget On Line for full public access.
• Reform contracts which improperly gave away health insurance buyouts without common sense guidelines. (You must first be enrolled in a program in order to be eligible to receive a buyout.)
• Reform policies and procedures for employee retirement benefits to conform to platform.
• Full annual Health Insurance reviews to affirm eligibility of all those receiving taxpayer funded health insurance and affirmation of results by elected Town Board.
• Retention of a Professional Contract Administrator for all existing and future water contracts in NG.
• Adopt a Capital Budget as Recommended by the NYS Comptroller.
• Consolidation of all water districts pursuant to new State Law designed to streamline and reduce cost of government.