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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Democrats Hold Election Rally

Democrats in North Greenbush have been working hard to earn your support for our outstanding slate of candidates who will provide town government with the professional management team so needed in these tough fiscal times!

Please join us as we have an opportunity to meet the candidates who have offered their time and talents to represent you, not only as Democrats but as taxpayers of our great community. We are proud to offer town residents the clearest choice in years between a Republican party that has produced a $149,000 deficit and a commitment to turn RT 4 into another Wolf Road on behalf of developers, and your Town Democratic Team of

Josephine Ashworth for Supervisor

Jann Liberty for Town Clerk

Joshua Sabo and Raymond Elliott for Town Justice

Richard Fennelly and Trish Noel for Council

Mark Premo for Highway Superintendent

We need your continued support to get out our message to town voters in the coming weeks and we ask you to reserve your spot today for our Election Rally at the American Legion, Main Avenue in Wynantskill on Friday October 30th at 7PM.

Tickets are $30.00 each and $50.00 a couple. There will be a buffet and beer and soft drinks are included in this event.

Please send your contribution as early as possible so we can plan accordingly and utilize this revenue on behalf of our candidates who are working so hard to bring town government back to the people and out of the hands of developers.

Thank you for your continued support!

The North Greenbush Democratic Committee

Mark Premo, Event Coordinator

Tear off and return with your check payable to:


Box 675

Wynantskill, NY 12198

Name _________________________

Address _______________________

Enclosed is $____________ I would like to become a Sponsor with an additional contribution of $_________

I cannot attend but would like to contribute $_________

I want to Join the Business Card Review! $25.00 enclosed with our business card

For just $25.00 we will add your supplied business card to a special program distributed during this event.

We urge all of our supporters to patronize and support the businesses that help us run these campaigns!

Democrats Will Implement Budget Reform and Transparency

Democratic Candidates for North Greenbush released the first part of their financial management plan designed to institute transparency and accountability in the budget process.
“Recognizing that the town has invested a substantial sum to create an on-line presence at, it is only appropriate that this resource become a vehicle for openness and transparency. The Supervisor’s Tentative Budget will go on-line when it is first filed with the Town Clerk’s Office,” stated Supervisor candidate Josephine Ashworth.
In addition, the budget will be broken down into line items for each salaried position in its so called “Personnel Services Code” which will clearly identify proposed raises for elected and appointed officials. “Raises were partially concealed in the 2009 tentative budget because the salaries were merged into a single code by department,” stated Town Council candidates Richard Fennelly and Trish Noel. They noted that while the Supervisor’s attempt to secure a 280% midterm raise of $42,000 became the subject of criticism when the budget was released, it was not immediately clear that the Town Clerk was including a 9% raise for her position as Clerk and a 48% increase in her position as Registrar of Vital Statistics.
“A professional management approach to budgeting must emphasize transparency and accountability,” noted candidates Noel and Fennelly. They agree Personnel Services Codes in the budget must be “itemized” so that every salaried title contained within the code is separately listed with the proposed salary listed with the prior year’s salary. “These reforms will ensure openness and accountability in Town fiscal matters. Further, our investment in an Internet presence will become an information superhighway for our residents, rather than our current web status as a bridge to nowhere.”
The Town’s appointed Comptroller estimated in his August 13th report that we are on our way to a $149,000 cumulative deficit for Fiscal 2009. The candidates would require the Comptroller’s “Certification” that budget projections of revenues and expenditures are “True and Complete”. In this way, the Comptroller’s credibility and independence would be clearly accounted for in the Supervisor’s Tentative Budget. “The current Board was forced to re institute the previous Board’s Resolution requiring two signatures on all checks (the Comptroller and Supervisor) after repeated abuses by the current Supervisor in his issuance of checks. This was done as a safeguard against further unlawful disbursements,” stated former Councilman Richard Fennelly. The Comptroller’s signature on the Supervisor’s Tentative Budget will offer taxpayers a similar safeguard, providing assurance that revenues and expenditures are not being manipulated in order to create an election year deception of a “No tax increase budget”.
The candidates believe that the steps proposed in Phase 1 of their Budget Reform Plan will make town officials more accountable, while offering the public truly clear picture of town finances which is easily accessible. The second phase of the Democrats financial management plan will look at Health Insurance reform which they believe is critically important for setting the town on a stable financial path.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Democrats Oppose New Comp Plan

RESOLUTION    August 3, 2009

At a meeting of the North Greenbush Democratic Committee held on Monday August 3, 2009 with a quorum present in person or by proxy, the Committee resolved:

That the Comprehensive Plan Committee which was reconstituted by the Town Board in January 2008 failed to act in accordance with the laws of the State of New York governing open meetings by failing to take "minutes" in the majority of at least 16 meetings known to have been held pursuant to records surrendered under the Freedom of Information Act;

That said Comprehensive Plan Committee made significant changes to the Land Use Map as delivered to the Town of North Greenbush by Bergmann Associates, the first consultant retained by the town pursuant to a competitive bidding process;

That absent accurate minutes which detail the members present, motions, discussions and quorums necessary for a public body to conduct business on behalf of the Town of North Greenbush, residents have no way in which to determine why these changes were made, at whose request and whether said changes were made by the Committee with a quorum present as required of a public body under the State's Open Meetings Law;

Therefore be it resolved, that the North Greenbush Democratic Committee declares that it has No Confidence in the actions of this Comprehensive Plan Committee in changing the draft Comprehensive Plan submitted by Bergmann Associates in December 2006;

Be it further resolved that the North Greenbush Democratic Committee urges the Town Board of North Greenbush to reject the revisions submitted by the reconstituted Comprehensive Plan Committee due to the failure of this Committee to conduct itself in an open accountable manner.

Be it further resolved that that the Secretary of the North Greenbush Democratic Committee is directed to send this resolution to the Town Board of North Greenbush to be read into the record of a Public Hearing held by the Town Board which must be held pursuant to S 272a of the Town Law which governs the passage of a Comprehensive Plan.

Ayes __10____



Disapproved ____