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Monday, January 05, 2009

Ashley Calls For I 90 Connector Funds as Part of National Economic Stimulus

North Greenbush Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley is calling for the inclusion of federal funds to build the I-90 Connector to the Rensselaer Technology Park in North Greenbush as part of the President-elect Obama's economic stimulus package.

For the past two decades, this project has languished thereby preventing the RPI Tech Park from fully realizing its potential as an economic engine here in North Greenbush and Rensselaer County. With our national, state and local economy suffering the effects of one of the worst downturns in 40 years, it is vital to invest in projects that not only create jobs via construction, but also help produce additional long term employment such as the technology jobs at the RPI Tech Park.

It is obvious that investing in a project that creates long term employment opportunities well beyond the years of construction is exactly the kind on economic stimulus that should be given first consideration as part of a long term economic recovery program.

I would hope that our Rensselaer County Legislature, North Greenbush Town Board and Capital Region Congressional delegation would see this construction project as a significant and worthwhile investment yielding benefits for many years beyond its construction.

Ashley also noted the additional value this project would bring to North Greenbush by directing significant traffic off of Route 4 and fostering new development along the highway's path while preserving the residential character of neighborhoods along the RT 4 corridor.

This project has the potential of providing a silver lining in an otherwise gloomy economic environment. I urge our local elected officials to act now to encourage funding for the project as part of our incoming President's economic recovery program, stated Ashley. "This is not about funding a "bridge to nowhere", but rather, the road to our future", stated Ashley.

District 2 Legislator Kevin Harrington applauded Ashley's suggestion noting that much of the planning for this project has been done and as much as 18 million dollars has been set aside by former Congressman McNulty to begin construction. "I will certainly sponsor a legislative resolution calling for Congressional support for the funding of the I-90 Connector as part of the national economic stimulus and recovery program", stated Harrington.