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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ashley Elected Chairman of North Greenbush Democratic Committee

Daniel C. Ashley was elected Chairman of the North Greenbush Democratic Committee in a meeting called by the County Chairman after his predecessor refused to call the required post primary organizational meeting.

Elected with Ashley were Joshua Sabo, 1st Vice Chairman, Josephine Ashworth, 2nd Vice Chairman, Charles B. Smith, Treasurer and Janice Liberty, Secretary.

Chairman Ashley pledged to redirect the Democratic Party’s mission away from it’s recent marriage with County Republicans and Conservatives controlled by the local water contractor. “These folks are aligned squarely with the development community and are stalling the passage of the town’s Comprehensive Plan in order to buy time for developers”, stated Ashley. Democrats will support a slate of candidates who will support the immediate passage of the completed and delivered Comprehensive Plan and oppose those regardless of their party label, who are stalling its passage.

Ashley stated that a majority of this committee will support significant changes in the organization and structure of town government, including the hiring of a Professional Engineer to run, manage and administer the Building Department which is currently run by a member of the union bargaining unit, rather than an independent manager.

Equally significant will be the recruitment of a Democratic candidate for Town Supervisor who respects the executive authority of the town board as a voting majority in the hiring and appointment process.

The Democratic Committee will also commit to defending the voting rights of residents in the newly proposed Water District 15 so that the taxpayers in these 650 homes will be able to decide whether they can afford the huge projected price tag of $1100. a home for municipal water. “The incumbent Supervisor refused to obey the law and schedule a town wide vote on a million dollar borrowing proposal to bail out Water District 14. We will commit ourselves to protecting the voting rights in Water District 15 should the need arise”, stated Ashley.

North Greenbush is at crossroads in it’s growth which without a community supported Comprehensive Plan, remains a lucrative target for development interests. The Democratic Party will now begin the process of adopting its “Platform for the Future” as part of our candidate recruitment for the 2009 town elections. We invite all town residents to help our committee create this platform and blueprint for North Greenbush government.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Democrats to Meet to Elect Officers

County Democratic Chairman Thomas Wade has called a meeting of the North Greenbush Democratic Committee for next Tuesday October 7th at 7PM to elect new officers.

The meeting was called after current Chairman Jeff Spain ignored his responsibility to call the meeting under party rules.

Chairman Wade has requested that all financial records be brought and turned over at this meeting to the new officers, just as was done two years ago at the last meeting he convened.