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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Premo Picnic August 22nd.

By now you're all "golfed out" and need a relaxing fun time for the family.

North Greenbush Highway Superintendent Mark Premo is hosting his annual family picnic at Dedrick Park, Snyder's Lake on Friday August 22nd.

The flier provides the details so plan on making it a day and RSVP your reservations soon so an accurate food count can be made.

See you there and leave those clubs home!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Spain’s “Democrats” Ignore Financial Disclosure Law

Despite a fine last year by the State Board of Elections, the group of so called Democrats who endorsed the Republican candidates running for Supervisor, Town Board and Highway Superintendent have again failed to file their Financial Disclosure Report with the State Board of Elections.

The latest report was due July 15th and Chairman Jeff Spain along with his Treasurer Kyran Devery continue to ignore State Election Law by failing to file any reports in a timely fashion. Since they took control of the Democratic Committee by one vote, they have missed all seven financial disclosure deadlines for their committee in 2007 and now both deadlines for 2008 reports.

Despite their failure to comply with the law, they continue to raise money, now holding a golf tournament on August 19th to fund, we presume, continued support for Republican backed candidates in North Greenbush and in Rensselaer County and to use those funds to run campaigns for party committee seat primaries this fall.

By contrast the North Greenbush Democrats Club which includes members of the County Democratic Committee who support DEMOCRATS in town and county elections held their Golf Day fundraiser in June and have filed not only the July report with the State on time, but each and every report since this Club was organized to counter the Republican insurgency and take over of the local Democratic Committee. This group of “Democrats” is joined by Conservative Party allies whose Chairman is a principle in a company which holds the overspent contract in Water 14 and the lease to our police station.

We urge Democrats to carefully consider which group to donate to and support. The Democrats who comply with the State Election Law and support qualified Democrats for local office can be found on the web at

Robert Price
Chair, NG Dem. Club