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Monday, February 25, 2008

Politics Before People in NG

After appointing the Chairman of the Democratic Party, Jeff Spain to the Town Industrial Development Agency, the Vice Chairman Ed Cassino and Conservative Committee person Judith Wos to political welfare jobs in the Building Department, it is clear that politics is alive and well under the Evers, Desso, Kern, Al Spain majority.

The so called reformers that took control of the Democratic Party last year have at best a strange idea of reform. They endorsed the Republican candidates in the last election and divided up the spoils among themselves without criticism. Republicans managed to get the 4 to appoint two lawyers to represent us prosecuting in town court. One has a criminal record and the other a disgraced former Troy judge removed from the bench for violating rights of defendants. Neither lives in the town and one does not live in the county making his appointment illegal. They continue to hide behind a 12 person transition team they claim made the recommendations, but whose names they refuse to disclose.

In two short months they have stopped the adoption of the $52,000 Comprehensive Plan and put developers back in charge of our future. Worse, the appointment of the Democratic Chairman to the IDA with the vote of his brother, Councilman Spain, sends an unacceptable signal to those seeking loans from the IDA. Chairman Spain, however refused to obey the law by filing any financial disclosure reports identifying his contributors until this February when he was fined by the State and forced to file.

All of this has made it necessary for Democrats to aggressively challenge Spain’s narrow control of the Town Democratic Party this September when all committee seats are up for re-election. Democrats who have joined the Democratic Club and supported our efforts to restore a two party system in town elections while supporting Democrats for town offices will work together to end Spain’s reign as Chairman.

We are committed to forbidding “purge trials” by party leaders like the one Jeff Spain, Ed Cassino, Kyran Devery and Clerk Kathryn Connolly conducted last year against committee members who dissented against their policies. Our agenda also includes the nomination of DEMOCRATS as candidates for town board who will on day one, adopt the completed Comprehensive Plan and begin the process of restructuring our out of date zoning code to conform to the new plan. All Democrats and residents of North Greenbush are welcome to join us in this important effort and may contact us at

Bob Price,
Chair, NG Democrats Club