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Monday, May 14, 2007

Democrats Sponsor Golf Day

North Greenbush Democrats have formed a club to serve as a fund raising mechanism to support candidates in the coming election and oppose a referendum seeking $830,000 from town taxpayers to pay for the cost over runs in Water District 14.

Called the “North Greenbush Democrats Club”, the political action group will raise funds in support of candidates who support the Democratic Party’s 2005 platform and efforts to deliver a new Comprehensive Master Plan to guide our community’s future development. They also strongly endorse the re-election bid of Highway Superintendent Mark Premo who has done an outstanding job and was recognized just last year as the Democratic Committee’s “Man of the Year” for his service to this community and the job he has performed as Highway Superintendent.

In addition, the Club will actively oppose a plan by town Conservatives to approve an additional $830,000 in bonding for a town wide water district. The plan which must now be approved by voter referendum is little more than a mechanism to transfer illegal over spending in Water District 14 to a town wide water district. Voters have won the right to approve or reject the borrowing by filing a petition with the town demanding a referendum. With the town Conservative Party now chaired by Michael Casale of Casale Excavating, this referendum is all that stands between voters and more money to the holders of the over spent 6.4 million dollar contract for Water District 14 which is being audited by the State Comptroller.

Town resident Robert Price who initiated the petition drive to force the public referendum and protect the right to vote, organized the Club. Mr. Price is joined by several members of the Rensselaer County Democratic Committee serving in North Greenbush, including County Legislator Kevin Harrington, who are concerned by the direction and alliances of the party’s current leadership. This leadership appears to have aligned themselves with the Conservatives and Casale Excavating. More disturbing is their plan not to endorse our Highway Superintendent, and instead, replace him with a developer.

The Club will hold its first fund raiser on June 12th at Evergreen Country Club with a Golf Day with the rain date June 14th. The public is invited to attend and may obtain details from the photo on this posting.
Submitted by,
Robert Price

39 W. Sand Lake Rd.Wynantskill, NY 12198