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Friday, March 09, 2007

Spain Misleads to Deflect Source of $2000

Jeffery Spain of the “Reformed” Democrats who have a one seat majority on the Town Democratic Committee is lobbing smoke bombs from his bunker designed to deflect attention away from the nagging questions about the contributors to the "reformers" campaign. I say bunker because Spain and Cotrona are refusing to take calls from reporters trying to question them about the $2000 campaign contribution.

The strategy now is the same as the primary, twist and distort, smear the reputations of his adversaries and truth be dammed. Mr. Spain was repeatedly told that we would be happy to answer any questions he had concerning any matter. Instead he signs his name to malicious, potentially libelous letters making absurd charges about party finances. He does this in the name of our party.

Mr. Spain states Mr. Ashley received a loan from the committee when he knows it was Ashley who made the loan to the committee. He implies wrong doing by not listing contributions from Ashley to the party for an ad book, yet he knows election law only requires the contribution be listed if it was $100. or more. The ads cost less and were therefore disclosed as “Unitemized contributions, $99.00 or less) He infers wrongdoing by a payment to Kevin Harrington and fails to note that the payment was a reimbursement for the cost of the ad book itself. He says we bought a computer and yet was told we never did and the expense filings prove we are correct. Every check is accounted for.

It’s sad that Mr. Spain would engage in this deceitful conduct. Yet it is apparently condoned by the committee people supporting him. The greatest irony of their criticism is the fact that none of their group contributed one cent to the Democratic fundraiser they now chastise. It is we who turned over to them control of the checking account and its balance.

"You get what you pay for" is the old adage that is still prophetic. Question is, who really paid for that big contribution to put Spain and company in charge ?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Need campaign cash?

Here's the place "Reformed" Democrats Go!
121 Adams St.
Troy, N.Y. 12180

Size of Donation:$2000

Status of Business: Bankrupt for 3 years, vacant and run down.

More details and a Special Prosecutor to follow!

Thanks to CH 13 News for their Saturday nite report!

Thanks also to the Troy Polloi for their photo @