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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ashley reacts to Germano-Cotrona complaint on meeting

North Greenbush Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley reacted to a statement from would be Democrat and professional lobbyist Lou Cotrona complaining about the party’s pre-primary reorganization. It is ironic that a man who lied to the State about his residency and was removed from a public office would make such a complaint about our integrity.

“It’s humorous to think that in his zeal to lead this GOP inspired takeover attempt of the Democratic Party, that Mr. Cotrona neither read the Democratic bi-laws or consulted with his candidates”, stated Ashley. If he had he would have realized the bi-laws permit reorganization “within 20 days of primary” and within offers the option of before or after.

Cotrona should have also consulted with his leader, Conservative James Germano and his other running mates Doreen Connolly, Kyran Devry and William O’Neil, all of whom signed proxies for a pre primary meeting in August 2002 and all of whom voted for Dan Ashley.

Is Mr. Cotrona saying it was wrong for his candidates to vote in August of 2002 or that it’s just wrong now?

Ashley concluded by saying that Cotrona’s would be Democratic slate inspired by Germano who was forced to admit under oath his role in gathering signatures of Democrats on their petitions, lacks any credibility. “If they want to be Democrats they should start by reading Democratic bi-laws and then ridding themselves of the advice of their true leader, F. James Germano and his long history of questionable activities.”