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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

North Greenbush Democrats Endorse Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General

North Greenbush Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley announced his support for Andrew Cuomo to succeed our great Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer as New York’s State’s top law enforcement officer.

“North Greenbush Democrats are excited about the quality of the candidates our party will endorse in this year’s crucial State elections. I believe Andrew Cuomo offers the right combination of honesty, integrity and intellect to become a great Attorney General in the tradition of Elliot Spitzer and Robert Abrams who truly defined this office” , stated Ashley.

Ashley also reaffirmed his support for Elliot Spitzer’s quest to be the party nominee for Governor as well as the re-election of Alan Hevesi for State Comptroller. “A Spitzer-Cuomo-Hevesi ticket is a dream come true for New York Democrats who place a high value on candidates who seek public office to be a voice for those who cannot speak”. He expressed confidence that this will be the ticket that emerges from the State Democratic Convention.

The North Greenbush Democratic Committee is committed to producing a grass roots effort on behalf of this outstanding slate of candidates. Ashley predicted a sweep in North Greenbush for New York Democrats and stated his committee is excited as never before.

I’m proud to say that each of these candidates has come to North Greenbush and were warmly received. Now it’s our turn to come to them with our maximum efforts to produce a sweep in North Greenbush in the 2006 election.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Chairman responds to Evers

Chairman responds to Supervisor Evers

The May 4th edition of the Advertiser contained a letter from North Greenbush Supervisor Mark Evers which deserves a response.  First, the Supervisor should be no more surprised that I can speak as Democratic Party Chair when in Florida than he can as Town Supervisor when out of town several days a week pursing his private sector job.

I have acknowledged that the Supervisor kept his pledge to the implement several components of the Party’s Platform, including the passage of a Ethics Law, creation of a town web page, and open government by broadcasting meetings on television, etc. These initiatives were passed unanimously and I am grateful to each Board member.  For the record, I gave credit to the Board for these initiatives in the Advertiser. What is intolerable is the Supervisor’s  “about face” in dealing with a developer who has been threatening this town in cooperation with a defeated town board to have his way regardless of community sentiment.

As for his charge that the Party “defies State Law and violates the rights of individuals”, I note that the Supervisor failed to cite sections of law because there are none violated. He states, however, he has “been advised” that State Law indicates “that a Town Board cannot overturn previous Planning and Zoning Board decisions”. Who advised  Mr. Evers, the developer’s attorney or perhaps Ms. Clemente, the prior town attorney? His statement is bizarre and would tie the hands of the Town Board in addressing these matters in Court and this developers efforts to annex our lands to Rensselaer.

The Supervisor did not receive this advise from the Town Attorney anymore than he consulted with fellow Board members, who as a majority,  hold the “Executive Authority” of the town to make all appointments, change job titles, approve purchases, etc. His use of an unaccountable, outside and secret attorney amounts to a “shadow government”, one that this town cannot afford. Permit me to cite specific laws violated by the Supervisor. Sections 60 & 63 of Town Law provide that an individual board member may not act unilaterally on behalf of the town board.  Yet the Supervisor without the knowledge or consent of the Town Board “appointed” his secretary to a job title that only the Town Board had authority to exercise. In addition, he sent numerous requests to the County Civil Service Commission to unilaterally change the job titles of other employees, falsely stating that he was acting as the “appointing authority” of the Town.

His actions mean taxpayers are paying about $15,000 more for a job than necessary.  When added to a $23,000 truck he permitted unsupervised employees in the Building Department to purchase without Town Board budgetary approval, I think the record of who is violating laws becomes clear.