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Friday, November 04, 2005

Democratic Chairman deplores last minute acts of desperation by GOP

North Greenbush Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley issued a strong denial of the truthfulness of last minute acts of desperation by the Town Republican candidates.

Mr. Ashe and his running mates have mailed a flier and run an ad in which they FALSELY state that Democrats support a village in DeFreestville and that annexation is a direct result of their support for a village.

One can look back through this web page and see statement after statement that repeats our party’s position on a village. We neither support or oppose a village and simply believe in the right of the citizens to decide this issue at the polls. This right has been repeatedly attacked by the current GOP administration using the town attorney and the courts to delay and disrupt that recent, still undetermined vote. We will respect the decision of the people, regardless of what that decision is.

Secondly, we deplore a press release which the media responsibly refused to print in which Mr. Ashe states that Mark Evers is out of town 4 days a week on business. This is an outright fabrication. At most, Mr. Ever’s private sector employment requires him to travel one day a week. He is always in touch by cell phone and computer email.

Other misleading statments in a flier include a "Democratic Official proposing a 24% tax hike".This is likely referring to the Highway Department's budget proposal reflecting the near doubling of fuel projections verses last year's cost of fuel. This is in contrast to the budget proposal of the GOP in which there is no increase planned for fuel cost desite the fact that the price has doubled. This is one of the ways they can claim to be giving a "tax cut".

There is also a reference to Democrats suing the Town Board and costing taxpayers money. What they don't want you to know is that this refers to our efforts to stop the outrageous giveaway of your tax dollars to the town attorney last year in which the majority gave her a 62% lump sum raise of $25,000. Democrats will return the next town attorney to a fixed salary and stop the incentive to litigate and the current practice of billing the town by the hour in addition to a salary.

The GOP also claims we tried to delay a water district when in fact all Democrats did was permit the people who would pay for the districts the right to exercise their right to vote on the bonding. The GOP does not like people voting in this town and they, not the Democrtas went to court in an effort to stop citizens from voting.

In fact, every bullet on this flier is either misleading or a fabrication.

We thank you for your support and the many people who brought these desparate campaign tactics to our attention.

Dan Ashley