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Monday, December 20, 2004

Democrats use cartoon to focus ethically challenged acts

It’s eleven months away from town elections and North Greenbush Democrats are using targeted direct mail to drive home the ethically challenged behavior of Councilman Robert Ashe to town residents.

Chairman Dan Ashley released a copy of the “Councilman who stole Christmas” flier which features Councilman Ashe as the “Grinch who stole Christmas” from town taxpayers. The flier features Councilman Ashe stuffing the stockings of special people while taxpayers get shortchanged. It uses the seasonal spirit and humor to remind taxpayers that their wallets are a little lighter this year because Councilman Ashe violated the Ethics Law of the Town by voting to both appoint and enrich his employer’s wife in a job as Town Attorney.

“The flier reminds taxpayers that they could have had twice as much of a tax break as was approved if Ashe had not voted to give his boss’s wife a $25,000 lump sum pay raise of $62%”, stated Ashley. The raise when combined with the needless salary of his media consultant who writes press releases for him could have DOUBLED the recent tax cut from 2.5 to 5.5%. Minority Democrats proposed these cuts but were rebuffed by Ashe and his Majority anxious to help him curry favor with his private sector employer.

“Democrats are focused on putting an end to the Corporate Nepotism that guides Councilman Ashe’s ethically challenged voting behavior”, stated Ashley. A councilman should not use his public office to curry favor with his private sector employer. Rather he should show good judgment and recuse himself from such matters.

“We will field a slate of town board candidates who are committed to passing and enforcing a new tough town ethics law and we are letting town residents know a year ahead of time to hold us accountable next fall”. The cartoon can be viewed at

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Dems deplore mystery billboard

Who is “Why”?…

North Greenbush Democratic Committee Chairman Dan Ashley and Charles B. Smith have jointly deplored the false and malicious message put forth by unknown persons on a Main Avenue paid billboard. “Who ever is behind the malicious billboard message is obviously afraid to accept responsibility for the misleading attack on the town Democratic Committee and Mr. Smith”, stated Ashley. “They also oppose the right to vote on the expenditure”.

According to the billboard company. a group called “Why” is registered as the purchaser of the board. The message reads “Why is a Democratic Committeeman, and CB Smith trying to prolong Water District 14?” The message is similar to a flier recently distributed in mailboxes in violation of Federal Law which read “Why is Dan Ashley and CB Smith trying to stop Water District 14?”
“Once again I must reiterate that the Democratic Party is neither campaigning for or against the expenditure questions in Water District 14. Our only position was and remains that VOTERS should be given the right to decide whether to incur the expense at the ballot box”, stated Ashley.

The irony of this message is that the Republican administration, not the Democratic Party, delayed the construction of WD 14 by dragging their feet for more than a year in putting the project out to bid. When they finally did so, the two bids received exceeded the maximum approved expenditure of 5.6 million dollars. Those bids were $600,000 and 1.2 million over the cap and consequently the town board approved increasing the cap by 1.6 million dollars. This raised the potential cost of the district from 5.6 to 7.1 million dollars.

Those responsible for this attack are obviously opposed to the right to vote guaranteed by the democratic process created for the bonding of public funds. Next month, VOTERS will make this decision, not those behind the disinformation campaign. The Democratic Party will continue to give the public the latest information on this district to be helpful as they reach their decision on how to vote. We will also continue to urge every eligible voter to vote. Finally we hope that if approved by voters, a local contractor will win the contract and keep any jobs created in this community.